Saturday, November 23, 2019

Posting after a long gap and that too as a part of NatGeo assignment

Hello, I am Choki from Bhutan currently studying the flora diversity along with biodiversity conservation. I also manage citizen-science based platform: Bhutan Biodiversity Portal to document Bhutan's biodiversity and make it freely accessible to everyone.

Here I am posting after a very long gap and that too I am posting as a part of National Geographic's explorer assignment. Thus, I will be giving grief information on orchid study in Bhutan.

With initiation of orchid conservation study few decades ago, we have reached at the stage where many people have shown interest in studying orchids. More than 10 species are threatened according to the IUCN Red List. Around 14 species are known as endemic to Bhutan. Almost every year new orchid species are discovered in the country. Researchers estimate over 470 orchids in Bhutan. I chose this topic since orchid conservation is important as it indicates the health of the forests and ecosystem. However, some orchid population are declining over the years due to over-harvesting of orchids from the wild. As some species are edible and ornamental.

Every effort has been put to conserve orchids in the wild by relevant agencies and also through awareness programs among the citizens. Therefore, limiting the amount of harvest of orchids from the wild and instead cultivating it in the farm would be one of the best approach to contribute towards the conservation.

Photo: Paphiopedilum fairrieanum, one of Critically Endangered orchid species.


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