Monday, May 20, 2013

Bird's Nest Fungus ~ Mushroom With Eggs

Crucibulum laeve Commonly known as Bird's Nest Fungus. Photographed at Chelela, West Bhutan. May, 2013. c. 3900m

It's eggs, they are connected to the fungus with a tiny cord. It was my first encounter with such kind of mushroom.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When I am Gone

Chelela, Bhutan

Looking inside out, I see myself empty and emptiness is all I have. 
I see nothing inside of me but the stillness and peace that I always opted for. 
I can’t control what I have outside of me, 
but it controls me somehow or the other way. 
I took the deep breath now and I feel the life in me. 
It’s beautiful but how long will it last, god knows.  

The world will go on and on, dimensions will remain 
And people will come and go when I am gone. 
Changes will change like it does every moment. 
Change is what makes the world on the move. 
So, I accept the changes my arms wide open. 

There will be changes when I am gone and still there is. 
Life as such as has its own strength 
To let us live the moment and to say the supreme's prayer. 
Emptiness is a place where I wanted to be when I am gone. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

A to Z April Challenge 2013 Reflections Post

It was indeed a fun to blog for the A-Z April Challenge 2013. Where the bloggers are supposed to post alphabetically in the month of April every day except on Sundays, hence we have exactly 26 days for the 26 English letters. I am thankful to Arlee Bird and other hosts/co-hosts for organizing this challenge. 

Now, I have survived the challenge and met many new bloggers from around the world. I could find that the numbers of visitors and comments in my blog were increased. I have visited many blogs and liked the contents of most of the blogs.

I also experienced that some of the blogs stopped posting or simply gave up  the challenge maybe due to various reasons. For I tried not to give up the challenge and finally I could make it despite having to travel most of the days and also faced frequent internet connection problems.  

At times it was really difficult to think of the post topics starting with the alphabet of the day. So, sometimes I do write and sometimes I upload my still photographs relating to the challenge. Whenever I post in my blog, it gave me such a relieve but when I don't post for the day, I always wanted internet connection before me. Sometimes when I don't have an appropriate post topics, I always wonder around with camera ready to photograph anything that interests me.  

I would also like to thank my visitors and followers of my blog, which always inspired me to post more. Once more, I am thankful to Arlee and his team for organizing the challenge. Hope the challenge repeats in the coming years.

Thanks for this Survivor batch


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