Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

As My Life Wishes

We do it or not life goes on. I wonder whether we follow our life or we lead our life. In fact, life has to go until the end and in the end life seem like non-existent, of no value. We think that we are adding value to the life or we are subtracting value from the life, but the life walks on his foot with each time passing by. The songs may be composed, the songs may be faded, the people may be born and gone, we laugh, we cry, we think, we talk but what I see through my eyes is just a illusion or just a dream-like never ending adventure. To which I sometimes feel, someone to wake me up.

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I see people working very hard and late at night, I see people living idle life, I see people living up to the fullest, but in the end every life goes through the same later stage. So, I feel that all the lives are the same, equal and precious.

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