Thursday, September 27, 2012

When My Eyes see and Brain think

Zangthopelri (Guru Rinpochhe's Abot)
Went for the trip to monasteries and temple in Bumthang on 17th September, 2012. 
Visited many monasteries and temples in Bumthang, the most striking temple before my eyes was Zangthopelri. It has unique and attractive architect. I like the way it is built and the location is awesome, it is located on the top of the beautiful hill. 
Zangthopelri is a heaven, the journey is not near for the commoners. Everyone wants to pay a visit and never come back. What we got to do to go there, is what the religion preaches. Following is hard but the destination is always waiting for us, no matter how long we take to reach there.

It is not that there is no door to heaven, but what i think is that there is no stairway to heaven. we build stairways!
Door is always there, We build stairways!

It is always interesting for me to note that, everything is an open door to me but it is sometimes disheartening to know that some stairways are impossible to build. But once we try to build and build it, it is no more impossible (that's how I inspire myself), I say it's 'Possibled'.
Building the stairway

The process of finding the door and stairway to heaven is always difficult for me. I try and tried, still I find myself trying and i think i will be trying. It takes many lives of rebirth to actually build the way to heaven, I wonder will I be reborn? If then, will I remember my past life? Reincarnation is a vast subject and a tough subject to fully understand.
This a just an opinion of what I think.

Impermanence is what actually our life is all about, we are mortal. Life as some say, is like a dream, a long dream. Going by the way we live, we live as if we are immortal. We work, love, hate, cry, fight, laugh, read, etc., we do lot of things that actually is impermanent along with our life. The duration of impermanence of our life is longer than the duration of impermanence of what our life does. I think the only permanent life, we will poses is only when, we happened to reach heaven. So, I think it is really important for us to find the stairway to the heaven and climb it. 

Life is like a long dream
The way we live is something that must be challenged in order to build the stairway to heaven, but it is a really difficult task for me. 

The thoughts were produced by the brain upon seeing the photographs clicked during the Bumthang trip. This is just to test that somehow, when our eyes see things or photographs, our brain produce all sort of sensible and non-sensible thoughts showing how the eyes have control over brain. The thoughts written above needs further validation. 

PS: No Proof Read

I have uploaded some photographs below to see, how your thoughts are produced upon seeing the photographs.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Himalayan Monal Pheasant

Himalayan Monal Pheasant  (Lophophorus impejanus) spotted at Tharpaling Lhakhang, Bumthang, Bhutan on 17/09/12. This birds are so attached to humans that they never run away when humans are near to them. The monastery feeds them whenever they are around the monastery. Amazing!!!

Photos of the Male and Female Monal




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