Friday, July 7, 2017

Blue Poppy, The National Flower of Bhutan is a New Species - A compilation of news coverage

The National Flower of Bhutan, Meconopsis grandis is nowhere found in Bhutan, it is found in Sikkim and eastern Nepal. National Flower is upgraded to species as Meconopsis gakyidana from formally known by the botanical name, Meconopsis grandis subsp. orientalis. Along with the discovery of M. gakyidiana,  two more species has been discovered viz. M. merakensis and M. elongata. Among this three new discoveries, M. elongata is also an endemic to Bhutan, found no where else in the world, just found in few pockets in Bhutan.

Source: National Biodiversity Centre, Bhutan

Source - Kuensel newspaper:

Tempa Wangdi
It has been discovered that the national flower, the Blue Poppy is a new species to science with the discovery of two more new species of the Meconopsis : Meconopsis elongata and Meconopsis merakensis. Meconopsis elongata is also endemic to Bhutan. The national flower has been renamed as Meconopsis gakyidiana from Meconopsis grandis before. The blue poppy now has been upgraded to a species. Earlier, the national flower was misidentified as a subspecies to Meconopsis grandis.

The Meconopsis gakyidiana was named after the country’s guiding development philosophy Gross National Happiness. Gakyid stands for “Happiness” and diana is the nomenclature term for the
flower. National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) senior biodiversity officer, Choki Gyeltshen said that the common name for the national flower in both English and Dzongkha however remains unchanged. The name of Meconopsis gakyidiana is still Blue Poppy in English and Tshengenmeto in Dzongkha.

NBC’s curator of herbarium, Rinchen Yangzom said the scientific name has been changed because the national flower is not Meconopsis grandis. It has been found that Meconopsis grandis is not found in Bhutan. “We don’t have grandis anymore, they are found only in Nepal,” she said. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests stated on its website that Meconopsis gakyidiana was found to be different from the typical Meconopsis grandis in several important characters such as plant life form, leaf arrangement, leaf colour, shape of the flower and colour of the petal. “Thereby warranting a separate identity of species rank,” it is stated. The researchers also found that the Meconopsis gakyidiana is found only in Merak and Sakteng in Bhutan. “Meconopsis, which are similar in colour and are found in Paro, Haa and Bumthang are not Mecanopsis gakyidiana, which people misunderstand with the national flower,” Rinchen Yangzom said.

Currently, the national flower is also recorded in western Arunachal Pradesh in India and Tibet. Of the two new species of Meconopsis, one bearing the scientific name, Mecanopsis merakensis is found in Merak and Sakteng. Meconopsis elongata is found in Paro and Haa. With the discovery of Meconopsis gakyidiana, Meconopsis elongata and Meconopsis merakensis, Bhutan now has
15 Meconopsis species. Three of the Meconopsis species, Meconopsis bhutanica, Mecanopsis superba and Meconopsis elongata are endemic to Bhutan. In December last year, the Meconopsis research works of photographer and amateur botanist from Chiba, Japan, T Yoshida, Rinchen Yangzom and DG Long from UK were published in “Sibbaldia”, a journal of botanic gardens and horticulture based in the United Kingdom.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Endemic Orchids in Bhutan Revised

Here is the list of revised list of orchids endemic to Bhutan.

From "The Orchids of Bhutan (Flora of Bhutan)", 2002:
  • 1.     Bhutanthera albosanguinea
  • 2.     Bhutanthera albovirens
  • 3.     Bhutanthera himalaica
  • 4.     Bulbophyllum leopardinum var. tuberculatum
  • 5.     Cheirostylis sherriffii
  • 6.     Epigenium navicularis
  • 7.     Eulophia stenopetala
  • 8.     Goodyera alveolatus
  • 9.     Herminium pygmaeum
  • 10. Hetaeria pelota
  • 11.  Papilionanthe greenii
  • 12.  Pomatocalpa bhutanicum
  • 13. Vanda bicolor
  • 14. Vanda chlorosantha

From the "Plants Endemic to Bhutan Himalaya", 2015: (few changes in species)
  • 1.     Bhutanthera albosanguinea
  • 2.     Bhutanthera albovirens
  • 3.     Bhutanthera himalayana
  • 4.     Bulbophyllum leopardinum var. tuberculatum
  • 5.     Cephalanthera erecta var. oblanceolata
  • 6.     Cheirostylis sherriffii
  • 7.     Eria bhutanica
  • 8.     Eulophia stenopetala
  • 9.     Goodyera alveolata
  • 10. Herminium pygmaeum
  • 11. Hetaeria pelota
  • 12.Oreorchis sanguinea
  • 13. Papilionanthe greenii
  • 14. Pomatocalpa bhutanicum 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pictorial Tour to Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan

A brief visit to the Royal Manas National Park, southern Bhutan

To get to the range office we have to drive 11 km from Panbang and cross the river via boat across Manas river.

There are few domesticated elephants and you also may encounter wild elephants, they may not be so friendly. 

Also be careful, this is the footprint of a tiger paw.

You can relax and think about life here or go for rafting. 

Sambhar deer is best friend among the foresters of the park.

You also get an overview of sub-tropical forest, river is so calm!

Off course, park has twin water falls, photographed from a car, next time I will capture the entire fall with better shot :) 


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