Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get fooled!

We know more when we feel it!
Just like when we get fooled.
Lately I have desperately pondered,
Spent my night awake and wondered,
What could I have done in another way
Just to make you stay.
There’s no enough space in this world for tears to drop,
But I still carry a hope,
That I will smile one day, like you do now,
When I learn to live without you,
I take a inch, when you take a mile,
It’s miles away, when I opened my eyes,
Just like I am miles away behind you.
Take a look around and find fire burning inside of me,
And wonder how it feels like when it gets fueled up,
You walked a way strangely,
But I guess everything always happens for a reason.
Was a time when I wasn't sure
But you set my mind at ease
There is no doubt
You're out of  my life now.
I had a time when I saw sunshine warming me up,
It cared me and it loved me but no longer,
Sometimes I wish that sunshine would come back,
You are that sunshine!
We can learn from the past and we learned,
But those days are gone and m alone.
All this emotions without solution rocks the show,
Waiting for this moment to go,
But who knows,
It might last forever, whatever, it’s only a thing to remember.
The moment we laughed, the moment we cried, everything seems like a dream,
Sometimes I wish that we ll wake up and this all just be a dream.
Everything seems to be waiting for the good times to come back again,
Until I deal with this never ending pain.
So, saying the lords name,
I hope the life’s staying the same to end this game.
Whatever, if you are happy,
I am happy for you.
Even if you are sad again and again in your life,
Just be strong,
Like I am now.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey Baby Girl


When everything is meant to be changing, the thing left behind with you, is u and your tears.
Just read,
I found the changes in your eyes,
Saying that you wanna leave everything behind,
I found the changes in you taking things in the ways, that are not supposed to be,
But I’ll be there for you in every change you make, every step you take and every smile you fake,
And I’ll be there for you, this I confess from the rest of my heart.
From my balcony one night,
I saw you my baby, kissing with a stranger yo!
I was like, “yo! Wat up?”.
Hey my baby, that’s what I’ve been missing, your kiss ho.
Sick of crying,
Tired of trying,
Yeah! I am smiling,
But, inside I am dying.
Yo! To my surprise, she was like ‘she wanna be with me forever’.
But I paid no heed, for sure we wouldn’t be together.
For sure my lady is not mine, in times, kissing wouldn’t be no crime.
So I let her go in times to come.
Listen up yo!
I met a girl from my high school, sometime in 2004.
With a white blouse in an angelic look.
She lived down the street next to my door.
In February, 2010 she came up with a card and said ‘she would be my valentine’.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, she would be mine.
So I gave rest of my heart.
The very next day I called her just to find out my friend answer ‘Hello”,
I was like “yo! Wat up? ”.
I gotta know why she was acting strange towards him.
I thought couple of times and couldn’t believe,
So I went up to her to find them kissing,
Now, I was like, “yo! Wat the hell? “.



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