Friday, September 19, 2014

Silly but a lesson

Desperate friends
Unexpected things are always a surprise! People are good and bad at times. I and my friends were on a ride around the streets of Thimphu at night right after head banging some music numbers. It was a pleasant night with light drizzle. But only to encounter with tire puncture and with no tool-kits in our car to fix the tire issue. We knew no one from the vicinity. Called a friend but to no avail. Finally, stopped several vehicles including taxis just to borrow some toolkit to fix the unexpected but in vain.

Several taxis seemed to be deprived of the tool-kits, requested them but we were told that they got none. After all, money counts for them and especially Fridays and Saturdays are what they expect to earn more than the normal routine of other weekdays and in addition providing helping hands was not their priority. Fortunately, a taxi driver, who is a friend of my friend provided us with some tools but it did not really seem to fix the problem, since the ranges turned out to be larger for our wheel fixation. Yet, we stopped several vehicles and they seemed not to care for the troubled strangers.

Punctured wheel
This reminded me of how the tourists always praised Bhutanese for their kind gestures and hospitality. Our hopes started to decline for just to obtain some good helping hands. Waited for hours waving our hands to the vehicles passing by, only to receive blank and dumb glances. I cannot really explain the expressions of the friends, don’t even know what kind of expression did I expressed.

Police patrolling was on full swing. Fortunately, we managed to stop one of the cop's van after waiting for more than an hour and got the problem fixed finally. That’s when I noticed that my friend’s smiles were just as fascinating as one could expect.  Realized that cops are always there for the citizens even if it’s for minor issues at any time.

This was my first experience, but to many it seemed, it’s just a normal process of their life. I am almost on the conclusion that we hardly receive any help from our own fellow citizens. Thimphu is traveling with time at fast pace and the time is precious too, whether people carry out important or useless tasks. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Brief History of Time from the Big Bang to Black Holes ~ Stephen Hawking

A Brief Review

With one of the world’s brilliant mind, Stephen Hawking has his bestselling book A Brief History of Time set astrophysics to next level. Book reveals the cosmological wonders in the brilliant mind of Hawking. His extraordinary brain reveals his theories of universes and arguments of the cosmos.

For the sake of common readers at large, the theories are simplified without any mathematical formulas except for the Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2. Book tends to answer the complex questions on universe with clarity and wit such as the existence of beginning of time, time traveling backwards, prediction/remembering our future, String theory and many more interesting subjects.

He also touches on the subject of happenings before the Big Bang and the existence of Big Crunch, where he reveals that most people believe that the time began with the Big Bang. In addition he suggests that if time has beginning than there will be an end of time too, where time will end with the Big Crunch. He emphasizes on the imaginary time, which makes his theories to be accurately proved.

Outstandingly he describes the formation of Black Holes and existence of numerous Black Holes with varying sizes and shielded with event horizon, the boundary of Black Holes. He mentions that Black Holes aren't so black.

Book ultimately creates awareness of the possibility and complexity of unification of physics, which would explain whole universe with a theory. Book also has the description of the expansion of our universe. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014


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