Monday, December 21, 2015

Memories I wish it exist and doesn't exist but existed

I lay on a wooden bench in a small park on a beautiful sunny day with my view on few clouds floating in the blue sky. Thimphu's weather was extremely beautiful. Light wind gusting in the willow trees, standing few yards from my bench. I was probably laying there for about an hour now, thinking randomly about life and work. I thought of my childhood days in a remote school and that too in a boarding dormitory. I was unable to take care of my own things and it really was difficult for me to wash my own cloths. I have hardly done that at home. I always wished my mom to be in dormitory whenever its weekend. Nevertheless, one of close friend always does the washing for me so in return I treated him in fact treated us lunch or dinner. I pondered how memories can float like the clouds above, and slowly fading away unknowingly.

Just an hour later, a lady just sat next to my bench and she was smiling at me. I smiled back too. She looked younger than me in around twenty two or three. She had long black hair, wearing skinny jeans with a black top. Her smile was beautiful and infectious. I wondered where this lady is from and what made her come to park, though it was none of business. I turned toward her and she was staring at me. All I could do was think, why she is staring at me, is something wrong with me, does she know me or do I know her. She greeted with her low voice and introduced herself as Yeshay. I introduced myself as Rinzin. We talked, actually she talked most of the time about her life and her dreams, I was there listening and nodding to her every line. And we exchanged our phone numbers, since then we were chatting like there was no tomorrow. So, I started to like her more and maybe she did too.

It was one day that she told me she was going out with her friends and we chatted erratically thereafter. Everything seemed to be doomed for me, since I longed for her and only her by now. I couldn’t figure out why we were drifting apart, leave meeting each other aside, we weren’t even chatting properly. I felt awkward to chat with her. I thought on it a lot but couldn’t really figure out anything. I wondered why on earth I met Yeshay, if I hadn’t met her I would be having good times. I couldn’t forget her easily, she was long gone far from me now. Probably, she saw some incompatibility between us or she just met another guy much better than me, anyhow I didn’t have any quality that was so great. We didn’t contact each other, I rejoiced the moment we met. I felt lucky to have met her, which in fact I feel little bit stronger now. I always wish to thank her. I was there, lying on the same bench again wondering how I would have been, if I was with Yeshay.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki MURAKAMI

Haruki Marakami’s book Wind-Up Bird chronicle is one of his best novels, it has some awards to its name. This hard-to-review masterpiece vaults into first rank international fiction novels.

Toru Okada leaves his job and stays home unemployed while his wife, Kumiko goes for work. He is more like an emotionless man but thinks too much. They somehow get divorced upon losing their cat in first place and subsequently, most of the things tend to remain mysterious to Toru. They named their cat Noburu Wataya derived from Kumiko’s borther name, Noboru Wataya. Toru meets lots of somewhat mysterious and crazy-like people like Malta and Creta Kano sisters, Mr. Honda, a World War II lieutenant and strange Akazakis. He develops friendship with May Kasahara, whom he met when he was looking out for cat, and their relation tell us how small things and thoughts matters.

The buried secrets of the World War II are described vividly and intensely, that some of it might be disturbing (one can skip this chapter though). Russian and Japan conflicts, Mongolian guy skinning a Major, faraway torturous prison in Siberia and the secret agents; all these take us to the secrets of World War II.

Toru goes to the bottom of the well for some reason or no reason for few days as described by lieutenant while sharing his war experiences with Mongolians and Russians. Most of the time, Toru tries to contact or find his wife or ex-wife but some unknown factors of her brother Noburu Wataya plays major role to keep away Kumiku from him. The whole thing is somehow related to each other like Toru to World War II, well tale with Toru and lieutenant, Wind-Up bird that cries and winds spring, which only Toru hears.

Story keeps us going and its unpredictable what comes next. Murakami has profoundly put his imagination into words, and we tend to delve into his beautiful yet mysterious world of imagination.

A Wind-Up Bird Tattoo (Source: google)


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