Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Spiritual Powers in Pranic Healing

Twitter took toll to astonish me with the words like "No spiritual powers (in Pranic Healing). It's the money that's leads to numerous centres around the world".  Indeed I don't believe in those words but if I am to look at those words, I would have said the same considering I lack Pranic Healing practice. 

I also believe in Law of Karma; What goes around comes around. What you give, you get back, the more I give, the more I get, the more I help, the more I get helped. I think it is something that have to strike our mind so people tend to be helpful. Happiness is all about helping and loving others, to have compassion. Not just to smile and harm people. Because of one's Karma or the Karmic action, we are what we are today. Some institutions are successful while some are not!

I would say Pranic Healing is like Yoga but it is not Yoga. Pranic Healers do practice Arhatic Yoga after reaching certain degree of healing practice. Arhatic Yoga is a vast subject, which tends to purify one's mind and develop certain healing power. 

The power to heal ailments with no touch healing method is indeed a spiritual power.

It always intrigues me to know non-pranic healer's perception on the pranic healing. People have right to the healing discernment.

Even a scientist tend to prove research papers and theories wrong until another scientist proves his paper or theory wrong again. The findings never end. So is with the discernment. 

May peace prevail on earth.

PS: This post is not intended to malign any person.


  1. Is this like Reiki?

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    1. I donot have much knowledge on Reiki. Pranic Healing is the method of healing using energy (life form) without touching patients body.

  2. I don't have experience with pranic healing, but I am a huge fan of yoga and pilates and centergy, all exercises I need to help separate the compressed disks in my back. They have been lifesavers, keeping me from getting spinal injections. I think medicine is way overused to deal with mental and physical ailments. In fact, someone very close to me became addicted to pain killers and then that morphed to heroin use because he remembered how his back problems receded when he was on prescription pain killers and decided they'd help with his mental anguish too. Very disturbing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your interest. I don't know much about Yoga but i heard it can heal many ailments such as back pain. I am thinking of exploring the Yoga system too.

  3. If we all practiced the healing and mindfulness of the yogis we might find that peace we all crave, but that seems to continually elude us.

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  4. Do you practice Pranic healing ? I have always been intrigued about how it works. :)


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