Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Wild Sheep Chase ~ Haruki MURAKAMI

Written by one of the finest Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase takes us on a long journey in search of a sheep. A sheep that doesn’t even known to exist or may be it existed! Profoundly written and easy to read, the book takes us into a thriller-like mysterious road to nowhere but at times one is tangled into a relation of lost friend and ephemeral love and a madcap comedy.

He had decent job and a decent life. An innocent, divorced and ordinary man encountered with a mission to chase a wild sheep, whom nobody knows about its existence, leaves everything behind even his job and a cat.  No knowledge of sheep, he is set for the chase not only for sheep but for his lost friend as well. Along with his girlfriend, they get involved in business of the Sheep Professor, a professor who was so obsessed with sheep that he wasted his entire life for sheep. Lands in no man’s land and gets lost, who in the end finds mystery in his own life. He embraces his new world.

Story is surrounded by mysteries but runs into story of comedy which paves way into a tale of depressive and forlorn situation. It ends with something unexpected. It captivates us to read further until it reaches the height of a wonderful novel. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Self Motivating

I am all set to start off my research and I am here still wondering from where and how to start. I had thousands of thoughts about it and I think of it every day. I really wanted to start by now and I am thinking of actually starting it tomorrow. I am here in a new place, got new friends and basically everything is new, just that I am that same old guy with same thoughts. Settling down here, turning the new into old and familiarizing myself to everything around me right starting from my room to vegetable market to pubs to university. But I am having that level of confidence that I am going to finish it by any means in the end of the day. And it's going to be real interesting. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Visit to Adirondack Mountains

Visited beautiful Adirondack mountains NY, substantiated beauty with foliage color, numerous lakes and light snow fall. Here are few pictures from the visit.

Crossing Lake Champlain via ferry, which takes approximately 25 minutes to reach other side of bank. Breeze was cold and hitting hard on face.

Woody debris; there are really large amount of large woody debris in the mountains. Never seen so much debris before.

Hemlock growing on a log.

Lake in the mountains. It was a sunny a moment and snowing the other moment. The mountains ranges from 500 m to 600 m above sea level.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunset of Lake Champlain in Vermont

It was a beautiful Sunday evening. Thought of visiting Lake Champlain struck me and I ended up encountering beautiful sunset over the lake. Wondered around the lake for few hours until the was completely set. This beautiful sunset reminded me of how beautiful mother earth is, and how beautiful life is. So, the bottom line is, I was watching the sunset and thinking of life :) And yeah, hundreds of people staring at the set along with me! 


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