Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunset of Lake Champlain in Vermont

It was a beautiful Sunday evening. Thought of visiting Lake Champlain struck me and I ended up encountering beautiful sunset over the lake. Wondered around the lake for few hours until the was completely set. This beautiful sunset reminded me of how beautiful mother earth is, and how beautiful life is. So, the bottom line is, I was watching the sunset and thinking of life :) And yeah, hundreds of people staring at the set along with me! 


  1. This sunset looks awesome and beautiful with golden reflections on the lake.
    It tells us a beautiful day has ended and we look forward for a better tomorrow.

    1. Thank you! Yeah exactly sunset reminds us of better tomorrow.

  2. I love both lake and the sunset. Lucky you for following your heart and visiting this place! Life is indeed beautiful! ^^ Keep posting and enjoying nature! :)


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