Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love - Brief Review

The authors of the International Bestseller Book ‘Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps’, Allan & Barbara Pease has again written a New International Bestselling book ‘Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love’. The book distinguishes the sexual desires between the opposite sexes with scientific research and facts. Accentuating the sex in the relationships, it reveals what men and women really want from love and sex and how to have a happy future.

Most men whether married or single think of sex every minute, wherever they are and whenever they see women. Conversely, most women think of love since, for women love and sex are emotionally attached unlike men. Men’s brain is compounded to do one thing at one time whereas women can do many things at a time. In most cases men’s brain can differentiate between sex and love. For men sex is sex and love is love. Sex is hardwired into the men’s brain since the primitive age, where men used to hunt and women used to nurture their children and cook. Sex is hardwired into men’s brain so that, men can spread his gene as wide as possible, to maintain his DNA flow. Men have higher testosterone levels than women and women have higher levels of oestrogen compared to men, these hormones distinguish the sexual drives in human species.

Because women wanted to attract men, there are many cosmetic industries and fashion magazines in the world. When women tend to attract, they have a list of criteria which depends on men’s ability to gather resources and ability to love. Men too have criteria in choosing partner for them that is sex! Most men choose their long term and short term partners depending on their different criterion for short term and long term relationships. For short term relation obviously it is sex and for long term relation, men needs a decent, motherly, caring, loving woman who can satisfy them on bed. Women need love and resources from men.

It is very important for women to understand men and handle him accordingly and it is equally important for men not to understand women but show love and handle accordingly. The biggest turn on for women isn't the sex but the sight of a man cooking dinner, doing the dishes, feeding the kids and putting his dirty clothes in the laundry. To have a good relationship, discuss problems somewhere neutral at agreed time and understand the differences of men and women. Men and women are different. Not better, not worse, just different.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Diversity in Mushroom it's intriguing

Aleuria aurantia

Calocera viscosa

Geastrum saccatum

Hygrocype coccinea




Xerula radicata ?


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