Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps – Brief Review

A book by Allan and Barbara Pease on the nature of differences between men and women showcases to the world that the men and women are different based on scientific research results.  It tells us that the men due to higher testosterone and women with higher estrogen levels, these hormones has created much differences ranging from the way of thinking, analyzing, problem solving, visual interpretations to the way of behaving.

It also reveals why men always think of sex while women think more of relationship and why women talk so much while men so little. It’s in the brain due to the evolutionary processes of the human species. For thousands of years men have been hunting while women have been guarding the nest and nurturing children. It has evolved men and women in these current natures, which quite doesn’t fit in this present world. It might take another several years to evolve men and women to be fit in the present world, where men hunt no more and women hardly guard the nests.

It explains men’s higher spatial ability and women’s lower level of the ability, which has ultimately led women to make mess of the reverse parallel parking while there is higher percentage of male pilots in the world. And Men should never lie to women, since the lies are somehow caught through the method that is beyond men’s understanding.

The book teaches how to understand the truth about the men and women and how to go about it.


  1. I have always wanted to read this book. This review of your came as a reminder for me to get hold of the book ASAP and delve into it. The last line is intriguing....hope you remember :P

    Thanks for the review, loved it!

    1. Its a good book, enjoyed reading it. Happy reading!

  2. That's why Men and Women are different o.O
    Interesting review!
    I got to read this!

  3. Yup. Rekha, you may also want to read 'Why men want sex and women need love'. Again, blame it to the hormones that made us different hehehe... Thanks for sharing your review Choki!

  4. Oh! yeath, now I know the diffrence and thanx for sharing this review.


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