Friday, November 11, 2011

Rescue us

Did you ever think…... why we are born….. in this world?
i did, you know. But i dint know why.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Have you ever thought, why did you get this life?
If you have, then why don't you tell world that we are born to live.
Have you ever thought, what's the beginning of the time?
If you haven't, time has begin, the moment you were born.
Did you think, there's soul deep inside you?
Or did you think it's same with the body? yo…
Do you think, there's life without suffering?
But people can call it Nirvana, and i believe it.
Do you find suffering in this world or peace?
 cuz i find  'em both,
And am here waiting for me to rescue.
Cuz' there's someone waiting for us to rescue us.
Found and showed the path for us to pass.
But to pass this confessing agony messes up,
And grows up and up in a bunch of happiness.
But this happiness is messin' up too.
 ~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i guess  this crying earth need to rest,
Cuz our world is shielding with rust,
And it's gonna be mixed up in the dust,
Like my dying grandfather said,
Be always ready for the death.
Did you ever notice, what we have done to this world?
What about the children dying,
Can't you hear them crying,
What about the mother nature,
It's our future,
What about our  daily joy,
Someone tell me why.
Stay together for a while,
And watch each other drift away,
Left nothing but goodbye to say,
My lord, where we are?
What tears are for? 
My Lord, save us, rescue us.
 ~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There's always someone waiting for us to rescue us.
However this world is, do we give a damn!!!




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