Thursday, January 7, 2016

the reasons I won’t be coming – Elliot Perlman

This book comprises of nine interesting stories. Perlman is tells his stories with varied introductions and storylines. Some of the stories really moves you and gets caught up in reading till the end. Some stories have awards to their name, which I must say it deserves it. Among this stories, I liked most the last story of the book A Tale in Two Cities, which is the lengthiest of all. Story ranges from thriller to love story to human conditions. You may not want to miss some of it. But don’t get discourage to find the story you don’t like. And honestly I did not get few stories what it was all about.

Perlman has a unique narrative skills, he can perfectly put down his ideas, descriptions and plots. It’s written in simple and easily understandable and is a good read. What I like is his skill to narrate the whole situation or life into a short description. 


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