Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moment of Happiness

Happiness is all that every living being desires and I always wanted it. Happiness has sources and various techniques. Dalai Lama seems to be smile every time; he knows exactly knows how happiness is derived. I got very less knowledge on how it is derived.

The moment I set my eyes on my loved ones and things I tend to be filled with love and peace. I suppose love give arise to the happiness, that moment when you feel loved and when you love, happiness is in the air. Laughing even when we are sad scientifically diminishes the sorrows we have. The moment I sit and think of loved ones, I am filled with joys. But the moment of happiness seem to be ephemeral. Wish eternal happiness prevail on earth! 


  1. Happiness seems so elusive sometimes, but I am thankful for every moment that I have it.

  2. After all what is a life lived without being Happy.
    Looking forward to read more.

  3. Happiness is the journey, love the destination.

  4. Happiness is a ticket everyone desires to buy one!

  5. I was told that happiness is like chasing a butterfly. The more you chase, farther it will fly. But if you sit silently and calmly, that butterfly will come to land on you.

    1. wow, I like this idea of butterfly. Thanks for sharing.

  6. well said and written thank you. From my opinion, happiness depends on individuals thoughts and emotion which no body knows whether he or she is really happy or not unless if one posses divination/clairvoyance like that of great saints and masters.


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