Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Zoos and its Dark Sides

I am no zoo expert; here are some of my thoughts though. I believe that the animals doesn’t belong to the zoo, they have their own wonderful home. Natural habitat is where they are supposed to be, not in the zoos. In Zoos, animals are captivated and rendered them with stress. With these stresses animals suffer mentally and physically; so many distress signs are shown by the animals.

Nor the animals are the show pieces, where people watch them every day. How would we feel if we walk in their footsteps? Will the children learn that animals do not have the right to live in the forests? Although some zoos claim to provide conservation efforts while their primary aim is to make profits. If zoos are really concerned to preserve the animal species, they should be conserving them in their natural habitats. Zoos provide visitors education on animals but they provide lessons on the captive behaviors such as boredom, stress, etc. Zoos tend to divert the conservation efforts in their natural habitats, thus depriving them of the genetic flow. There are hardly any ways to create a man-made natural habitat for the animals.

With this post I am successfully ending my post for the A to Z ChallengeApril 2014. Thank you so much the hosts of A to Z Challenge; it is indeed a great challenge.


  1. Thanks for this thoughtful post on zoos and Congratulations for having completed the A-to-Z Challenge. I always enjoy your blog, and this month has been no exception.

  2. on my Z post we had just visited an outdoor more natural Wildlfe park- you can see it here:
    I have enjoyed your A-Z's - have a great day-


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