Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Yak Dance - An Unique Traditional Dance

Yak Dance is often considered as the native dance of the Merak and Sakteng communities. The dancers traveled all the way from Merak, located far east of Bhutan to perform at the International Ethnobiological Congress in Bumthang. Various participants from 57 countries participated at the Congress and obviously the ceremony. This dance was one of the most prominent features at the ceremony and well it was a life time experience for me to witness it. 

Yak's expression seems to be excited  and yeah also it was worth watching. Culture is the one that has identified the unique identity of the people of Merak and Sakteng and Bhutan at large. For most of the communities in Merak and Sakteng, Yak farming is the main source of income besides agricultural trade and tourism.

How Bhutan look at Merak - Sakteng is how the world look at Bhutan!


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