Friday, June 7, 2013

Pictorial Tour to Merak (Bhutan)

Yaks (perhaps some kind of Yak breeds) on the way to Merak. May - June 2013.

Buddha sculptured on the cliff

Guru Rinpochhe (Mahaguru Mei Ling)

Entrance into the wild Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

A nomad woman weaving. Love their culture.

Pasture land for the Yaks and cattle, also for the goats and sheep :) Surrounding bushes comprises of Junipers, Rhododendrons and Abies species.

Merak clustered village

Merak in the dawn right after the rainfall

A view from Merak's highest peak Nakchungla. 3850 masl. A panoramic view.

Rhododendron scrub after crossing the tree line c. 3000m. Liked the background view.


  1. Stunningly beautiful photos. I love the misty mountains and the panoramic view of the valley. Thank you!


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