Tuesday, August 20, 2013

At the Jhomolhari Base

Jhomolhari Peak, Aug, 2013
Ruins of Soe Dzong

Utse of Soe Dzong

Jichudraky Peak

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Far away from the pain

With my head up, I tried to stand,
Just to see you smile back at me,
But I got none,
Smile was only a thing I ever wanted,
All I got was a burden of pain,
I tried so hard from the start,
But it got everything in vain,
Wish I am away from the pain.

Every single moment that we had together,
Seems to be gone forever,
But I remember so vividly,
Every stupid silly moment, we spent together,
I wish it was written in my future,
With our aloofness ceased for a second,
Would turn a second into years,
And I’ll be away from the pain.

I can’t walk the pain anymore,
But I could walk it with my happiness,
Where it’s waiting somewhere on my journey,
That seems so far, far away,
May be, a day will shine,
So that the smiles are mine,
And together we are again,
Far away from the pain. 

NB: No Proof Read


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