Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Far away from the pain

With my head up, I tried to stand,
Just to see you smile back at me,
But I got none,
Smile was only a thing I ever wanted,
All I got was a burden of pain,
I tried so hard from the start,
But it got everything in vain,
Wish I am away from the pain.

Every single moment that we had together,
Seems to be gone forever,
But I remember so vividly,
Every stupid silly moment, we spent together,
I wish it was written in my future,
With our aloofness ceased for a second,
Would turn a second into years,
And I’ll be away from the pain.

I can’t walk the pain anymore,
But I could walk it with my happiness,
Where it’s waiting somewhere on my journey,
That seems so far, far away,
May be, a day will shine,
So that the smiles are mine,
And together we are again,
Far away from the pain. 

NB: No Proof Read


  1. Beautiful...just to share my own thoughts on your "Every single moment that we had together,
    Seems to be gone forever"...well I believe that if the moment was beautiful then it is there forever...just my own view ...


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