Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get fooled!

We know more when we feel it!
Just like when we get fooled.
Lately I have desperately pondered,
Spent my night awake and wondered,
What could I have done in another way
Just to make you stay.
There’s no enough space in this world for tears to drop,
But I still carry a hope,
That I will smile one day, like you do now,
When I learn to live without you,
I take a inch, when you take a mile,
It’s miles away, when I opened my eyes,
Just like I am miles away behind you.
Take a look around and find fire burning inside of me,
And wonder how it feels like when it gets fueled up,
You walked a way strangely,
But I guess everything always happens for a reason.
Was a time when I wasn't sure
But you set my mind at ease
There is no doubt
You're out of  my life now.
I had a time when I saw sunshine warming me up,
It cared me and it loved me but no longer,
Sometimes I wish that sunshine would come back,
You are that sunshine!
We can learn from the past and we learned,
But those days are gone and m alone.
All this emotions without solution rocks the show,
Waiting for this moment to go,
But who knows,
It might last forever, whatever, it’s only a thing to remember.
The moment we laughed, the moment we cried, everything seems like a dream,
Sometimes I wish that we ll wake up and this all just be a dream.
Everything seems to be waiting for the good times to come back again,
Until I deal with this never ending pain.
So, saying the lords name,
I hope the life’s staying the same to end this game.
Whatever, if you are happy,
I am happy for you.
Even if you are sad again and again in your life,
Just be strong,
Like I am now.

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