Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pranic Healing – A Perception

I couldn’t believe that Pranic Healing really heals! It was something that seems like a mystery to me. I thought of giving it a try by healing myself by my sister (Who is an advanced Pranic Healer) and I gave a try when I had fever.  It was indeed miraculous! The fever has disappeared and instantly, I had a feeling like fever was never there in me. That was the moment I planned to attend two days course on Basic Pranic Healing at YDF, Thimphu. 

I attended the course and it was the most beautiful experience I ever had in my life. I can feel the energy and of course I can see the energy in the air, on the ground, in the tree, around human body, etc. Everywhere there is energy, I didn’t realize that before. It was like I was venturing into a brave new world, where there is peace, happiness, harmony and the divine healing.
Basically, Pranic Healing is based on Law of Nature. Pranic energy is present everywhere, just like electricity was already present on earth before it was discovered. It was Master Choa Kok Sui who founded the art of Modern Pranic Healing. Pranic healing uses those natural energies to heal the people irrespective of any kind of diseases or illness. Pranic Healing is not a religion, but a science that deals with life force or energy to heal people.
Pranic Healers heal the patient with the energies available around them by cleansing the dirty or infected energy around the patients, by energizing with new fresh energy and then stabilizing the energy. When healing, Healers are supposed to be in the state of peace and harmony, so that healers can transfer clean energy to their patients. To make ones mind in the state of peace and harmony, there is a 30 minutes meditation called Meditation on Twin Hearts, which is exceptionally perfect for any normal human being.
You know what, Pranic Healing can heal the patient wherever they are on the earth, be it in USA, Japan, China or Antarctica. I say, this is an art of mankind to heal a patient irrespective of their station. It amazing!
I suppose that there will be a time, when the scientists recommend the art of Pranic Healing to the world. Pranic Healing is not paranormal or mystery but it is a fact!
Be it karmic connection or not, I feel blessed for I have ventured into the world of Pranic Healing and I feel awesome!

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  1. i seriously think i need one... newys it was very informative... keep it up!!!!

  2. Thank you man.. you too better try it out.

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