Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Letter to Guru Rimpoche

Dear Guru Rimpoche,

I know you have been watching me since my birth
Guru Rimpoche
You are still watching me
And you will continue to do so, with your blessings

You know what I did right and wrong
You know everything of mine
Sometimes you make me sad and sometimes happy
You put me in the trouble and take me out of it
I don’t know why I am here
I can’t make world a better place
Guru, show me the right way
Give me strength and hope
For I wanted to serve my parents better
And the world at large

Guru, please answer my prayers
And show me the light
Where, I will be good to the world
For I don’t know when I will be leaving this world
Guru, please answer my prayers
And I am here with faith, love and hope
To make the world a better place to live

Guru, I am thankful for waking me up with a new day every morning
And giving me the hope to smile, love and serve the world
Also thank you for teaching me right from wrong
Hope I will get to see you one day, 
Although you walk with me wherever I go

Yours Faithfully, 
Human Being


  1. Thankful will I be for my normal death, which is basic proof of how I lived by his presence..

    Cool Letter!!

  2. liked the letter, hope you will write another one for Drey Nak chung as well on behalf of all human beings. lol...

    1. Lol... I didn't think of it. That's an nice idea. May be, will try to write when needed. Peace.


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