Monday, July 22, 2013

Hunting Poppies in the Summer of '13

We started off the journey late. It was fairly visible. A thought provoked me to postpone the trip but I had the determination to never give up, no matter what. Well, we were trekking to the High mountains of Paro, Bhutan, popularly known as Yaktsa Trek to the localities and the tourism industry. We had the trip planned in the perfect flowering season of the Poppies, the summer of 2013.

Hunting the flowers are real challenges but when we discover what we want, the feelings are blissful. So, everyone had sown seeds of Poppies in their minds and everyone looked so determined to feel the excitement. This is a brief experience of the nature adventurers and flower enthusiasts. 

It started to drizzle and after a while it started to rain, so we took our first step towards Yaktsa Trek in the rain, where the footpaths absorbed the rain waters. An hour a walk, rain stopped for a while and all of a sudden it started to rain heavily. We were making ways in the muddy and marsh footpaths, we could feel the sun though.

We got higher and higher meter by meter and got dirtier and dirtier! It started to drizzling! We came across hundreds of flowers big and small, large and tiny, long and short, imparted with many different colors and shapes. The excitements were already in us, in fact we were excited. Some of us started to photograph the flowers in the rain despite having the difficulty to photograph in rains and wet paths. The higher we climbed, the higher were our anxieties. Rain stopped and we have reached our campsite. We could find many beautiful flowers but no Poppies. It was the first day of our trek, we took photographs and collected some interesting flowers.

From the next day, we trekked some hundreds of meters higher up into the alpine peaks. To our astonishment, we came across tens of Yellow Poppies! Everyone rushed towards the flowers and got busy with their own tolls to take. The weather was perfect. A few minutes of walk later and we encountered Blue Poppies!  Some of the eyes just got wet upon sighting the Blue Poppies, where the seeds of Poppies were sown in their mind at the start of the trek. Everyone started to shoot the Poppies and we ended up killing some of the Poppies and put them inside a bag and their memories inside our camera memory cards. 

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Blue Poppy


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