Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 Blogosphere

Started off with some blend of write-ups and photographs, I scrambled down anything that had struck me. Since the beginning of the year, I was so much into Pranic Healing. I then completed many of the Pranic Healing courses which has brought some changes in my life. Hence, my first blog post of the year was on the same. 

Blog posts ranged from expeditions to the remote parts of the country almost covering whole of the nation to photography, book reviews and some write-ups. Initially my blog photography focused much on the flora and then gradually expanded my interest to some scenic captures. It covered the diversity of mushrooms to plants to culture and nonsense. 

Expeditions to different parts of the country has exposed me to various lifestyles and cultures right starting from 100masl to about 5000masl, that were unknown to me. Through these expeditions, I got something to post on my blog, which usually remained idle. 

In April, I participated in the A to Z April Challenge 2013. One requires to post alphabetically every day except Sunday. Fortunately I was able to complete it! Gosh, that required a lot of focuses, time and needed internet connectivity where ever I go. 

Thus, 2013 blog posts was kind of fun and indeed it was an inspiration for me to keep track of my life’s events and so on.

And I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may all the successes and blessings be yours.


  1. Happy new year Choki! Keep up your passion in blogging and photography! Have a great new year ahead! :)

  2. Happy new year Choki sir. We had great time in blogging reading your posts or seeing your enthralling photography. Only thing is I have failed to make you feel same as me. Enjoy blogging. Once more HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Thanks Sherab for your inspiring words and Happy New Year.

  3. Happy new year Choki! wish you happy and prosperous 2014 and keep blogging

  4. It's wonderful to hear that you learned pranic healing. Great. Happy New Year!


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