Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where Everyone is the Victim of Time!

Photographed at: Punakha

We are born and our own time starts with us. But Time waits for none! We are therefore in a race with time, where humans are heading towards an end. We realize the value of time only when we know how fast we have grown old, second by second, day by day and year by year. 

Photographed at: Punakha

No one is so powerful to stop the march of the time. It's beyond the man's control. All we do is, we are waiting to be old. Oldies are usually ignored directly or indirectly by the majority of the population. They were the ones, who created the better world to live and who has worked hard for us to live in the blissful world.

Now, its the younger generation to make these world a better place to live for the future generations to come.

Photographed at: Sakteng, Tashigang
The time management  is crucial for all. Time is managed very effectively by every successful person. So, if we want to follow the footsteps of these people then we must know how to manage our time very well.There is time to everything we do so, we must act quickly and responsibly in order not to let us regret the things we weren't able to do. it is good to mange time because time and tide waits for no one.

Photographed at: Gasa

Time goes on passing without caring about anybody and they occur without any notice. It is the natural phenomena that they have no consideration for any individuals. The humans are helpless before time.

Photographed at: Sakteng, Tashigang

Photographed at: Punakha

Time is running out, yesterday will never come back again. Every moment you read this lines, the time spent will never ever come back again. Time is an opportunity, it definitely means the opportunity will never come back again. So, we should never miss an opportunity, one should grasp the opportunity as it comes on one's way. 

When we get old, we get to know that we are near to the death and we wait for it.

Whether, one do it right or wrong, the time passes forever!

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