Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Photos yet stricking :)

Bhutanese painting of JaChhung (Garuda)  ~ A Mythical Bird on the facades of an old traditional Bhutanese house. The painting seems to be fading slowly with the heavenly shower. Photographed at Kungkha, Chhukha, Southern Bhutan (6th October, 2013)

Possibly a horn of Blue Sheep placed on the piles of flat stones at c.4000m. Chelela Top, Bhutan (11th October, 2013)

I ain't got no knowledge why these stones are being planted :) (Hope it doesn't Altitude c.3900m. Location: Chelela. (11th October, 2013)

Chelela Pass; beautifully endowed with high floral diversity and Buddhist prayer flags, Bhutan.  3855m above sea level. (October 2013)


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