Friday, October 4, 2013

Cycle of Birth and Death

Supreme from the above watches us
We know not what lies ahead of us
Anomalously lamenting at times
Mothers falling in predicament
Unaware of congenital trauma
Often dwelling in so called Samsara
Faded with time the cries of the birth
But awaits the inevitable death
For soul lives in eternal realm
Humans bounded by the worldly affairs
Sympathizes by the red and yellow robes
Webbed by the vacillating insights
Endowed with the facades of the world
One knows not supreme’s desires
For we incongruously dwell
So shall we are born and dead
And dead and reborn
Until supreme’s wishes accentuate us
We are here in Samsara for eternity
Living like a dream so baffling
In the cycle of birth and death 


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  2. so.. difficult one sir.


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