Friday, March 14, 2014

Through the Eastern Bhutan Highway (Bumthang - Mongar)

Road blockage due to road widening works. Waited for half an hour.

Fortunately encountered with snow fall, so took a toll for a while. It was exciting though.

Grey Langur; probably hit by a speeding vehicle. They have right to way, one shouldn't obstruct their way. Human activities are always an wildlife intervention.

Thrimshingla Pass, Alt. 12,400 ft.

Lobesa vegetable market, stopped here for the lunch.

Piptanthus nepalensis,  a commonly found plant species.

Traditional alcohol vessel on display at Mongar.

A mini Bhutanese traditional house model. Liked it very much!

Ruins of famous historical Zhongar Dzong on the way to Mongar.

Scene at Thrumshingla Pass endowed with snow.

Kurjee Lhakhang at Bumthang
On the way to the Monastery

Corylopsis himalayana


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