Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Through the Chelela Pass

Unexpectedly traveled to Chelela and it was indeed an exciting journey. The scenery was splendid and beautifully adorned with few patches of snow alongside. Road point at the Pass ranges to an elevation of around 3900 meters above sea level. We climbed uphill nearing around an altitude of 4000 meters asl, just to hoist few prayers flags in order to gain merits. And of course we had some photo sessions triggered by the the scenic beauty of the Pass and the memories are to be implanted though. Here are the some of the pictures shared below:

Hoisted prayer flags, it was windy though, had a tough time.  

Prayer flags fluttering



16th march 2014


  1. Aww, I miss passing by chelela whenever I use to go to Mongar.


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