Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There is Rock in Korea

I didn’t hear much about the rock scene in Korea until I watched the show ‘Rock on Korea’ on Arirang. Initially all I thought was that there is no rock, no metal in Korea. But there is rock in Korea!

It’s not that only K-Pop exists in Korea, in fact the evolution of K-Kop was triggered by the Korean rock bands of 1950’s. After the World War II, the rock music in Korea started. 

The band members are old now, they hardly sing, but they listen to the modern rock music though. They were the talented guys, they learned themselves, they played for the 8th US Army, they were the starters and they were the legends of rock and K-pop in Korea. 

In 1950’s they were so famous in Korea just like the Big Bang is now.  They loved to play the music by Santana and The Beatles. They are the ‘4 Add’,  'Shin Jung-hyoen' and the other band members. 

  Shin Jung-hyoen  (Photo Courtesy:
The 8th US Army in Korea was the main audience to the rock music played by the Koreans. Those armies encouraged the rock music players, where they released various albums. The albums would mostly certainly contain blend of Korean traditional and western rock music. 

The bands were so perfect that even if those band members play together with Elvis Presley, they would make no mistake.  That was the standard of rock scenario in 1950’s. 

The younger generations tend to sing those old rock hits to the taste of modern rock music. They maintain their ancestry and try to reach those songs to the modern Korea. There are now many rock and metal bands, they rock the Koreans as K-Pop does globally.  

The rock music in Korea has come a long way now and it gave birth to different genres like K-Pop. It all started with the US in Korea and now the Koreans rock US and the world with the Gangnam Style. 

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