Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Theory of Everything - The Origin and Fate of the Universe ~ Stephen Hawking

A great modern physicist and the author of the bestseller, A Brief History of Time is here again with his book The Theory of Everything; The Origin and Fate of the Universe. He also authored The Black Holes and Baby Universes.

His book takes readers into the depth of origin of the universe, Big Bang, String Theory and Black Holes. It covers a series of seven lectures on cosmology, delivered at universities and conferences. Despite the study of cosmology being complex which includes various equations, he tries to make it simple for the public. It also takes readers back into the theory of Aristotle’s determination of cosmology and Hubble’s discovery of cosmological particles and theories of various other ancient renowned physicists.

The book describes the history of cosmological discoveries beginning with Galileo’s invention of telescope until the modern day approach towards latest scientific researches on universe and black holes. He describes black holes based on his research which took him more than a decade. According to his research, space-time may be finite in extent but without boundary or edge. Also, black holes has boundary-like particles known as the event horizon. He exemplifies this by giving us a picture of the earth which has a boundary but no edge. You can travel around the earth and reach to the same point but you would not fall off the earth because it does not have an edge.

Hawking also takes us deeper in explaining his theories and arguments on expanding universe, black holes, origin of universe and direction of time. He explains the influence of gravitational forces and magnetic field on black holes and speed of light. His theory also explains that there might be many more dimensions in outer space including space and time. According to his theory, time travel might be possible. However, it might seem like a science fiction.

As a great scientist, he tends to make the public aware of cosmological studies by simplifying his theories. The book is a treat for anyone who is fascinated by the concepts of universe, outer space, space-time etc. If you ever wondered and gazed at the night sky with fascination, there is nothing like reading Hawking's books who is not only a great scientist but also a literary man. 

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