Thursday, July 10, 2014


A great scientist and an author Stephen Hawking of the phenomenal bestselling book, A Brief History of Time  has done it again with his book Black Holes and Baby Universes. The book with calligraphy and great scientific theory sheds  light on the unexplored regions of the black holes, light, space and time. I haven’t as yet read his masterpiece, A Brief History of Time though, since I have lost the book but somehow I will try managing it from the book store.

Despite being physically disabled, his adroit and phenomenal equations goes beyond the consistent limited black holes and universe exploration. He has taken the scientific world over limits and his book also takes the audience into the intricate details of black holes, time, space and the universes. The black hole theory has been ramified attributed to his numerous years of researches, according to Hawking, black holes are not black. He has also suggested that there might be numerous black holes in the universes considering the existence of numerous other unobserved or undiscovered universes.

Black holes absorb everything including light, his theory talks about radiations and particles which travels faster than light in the black holes which are emitted steadily. The speed of light is usually distracted in the black holes by the minute radiations, probably invisible. What happens to the radiations and particles emitted steadily from the black hole is unknown and therefore what happens eventually in the black hole is also unknown. However, he has described briefly the phenomenal theory and his researches about the black holes.

Stephen Hawking takes physics to a whole new level compared to other scientists about the origin and the history of the universe since the big bang in the real time but what exactly occurred before the big bang still remain a mystery. However, in the imaginary time if considered, it would reveal the dimensions of space and time or even the other unknown dimensions in cosmology. Imaginary time considers that the universe has neither beginning nor an end. The universe is self-contained and pre-determined.

The book describes the formation of black holes and existence of some advanced species in the other universes.

What I learned now is that the universe is expanding to the lower state of density and we are out of the black hole. Stephen is also fond of classical music besides his scientific studies. 


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