Saturday, December 20, 2014

National Day and Me

Fourth King and the Fifth King of Bhutan serving the crowd during the 107th National Day (17 Dec. 2014)

What it’s like to miss the National Day, when my own brothers and sisters are happily celebrating the occasion? I know I am part of it but all I know is, what media informs me. What I do is, closely follow up with certain media and imagine I was right there.  Wonder, how I would feel if I was there the very moment standing and smiling before the beloved monarchs of Bhutan like I always wish. Well, it’s the 107th National of Bhutan and the year is declared as the 60th birth anniversary celebration of the Fourth King of Bhutan.

Indeed, King’s speech was inspiring, I read it online. I could see very huge crowds, I saw the picture. Every moment seems to be updated every single minute on that particular day, 17th December 2014. Here, I am sitting and watching the wonderful occasion through my computer window.

Celebration in the fairy tale like Kingdom is something that everyone wishes to set for, and if you are a citizen of that Kingdom then the urges are extremely high like mine.


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