Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Features in Bhutan Biodiversity Portal

Bhutan Biodiversity Portal (www.biodiversity.bt) after launching on 17th December 2013 is now one year older. More than 4000 observations are contributed by the portal users. Various documents and checklists can be found or uploaded in the portal.

Following are the few major features added during the upgrade (Adopted from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal Facebook page)
1. Multiple Observations - You can now upload multiple observation at once and the images you uploaded will be stored for 20 days. Therefore, you can always come back and upload the observations with details.
2. Audio Uploads - If you have captured the sounds and songs of species, you can upload them with observations.
3. Checklist - You can now upload checklist in various ways (spreadsheets, file uploads, and in a textbox)
4. Name Locks - If you are absolutely sure that the observation you uploaded is certain species, you can now LOCK the names so that other users will not be able to suggest names.
5. Document Views - Now you can view the documents without having to manually download. The uploaded documents will be displayed in a PDF viewer.
6. Contacting Users - You can contact any users by going to their profile. Click on the "Contact Me" button
7. Species Curation - The species pages can now be edited online by authorized users.
8. Taxon Browser - You can now browse through the taxon hierarchy using the Taxon Browser on the species page.
9. Advanced Search - Click on the down arrow near the search bar and you can search using different criteria.

For those interested to register here is the link  http://biodiversity.bt/register/index


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