Monday, November 30, 2015

Framed Himalaya: Lachen Valley

A wonderful coffee-table book, Framed Himalaya: Lachen Valley by Tenzing Ingty, Barkha Subbha, Samar Momin and Dharmendra Lamsel, is a photo documentary of an unexplored and mystical part of the world, Lachen Valley in the north of Sikkim, India.

Authors are a group of young researchers enthusiastically exploring the unexplored. The book describes everything from culture, tradition, landscape, plants, amphibians, animals to land degradation. It contains perfectly aimed angles and high resolution photographs, of which some of it includes rare pictures of plants and landscapes.

A worth reading, exquisite and profound book. It shows us high biodiversity within a small patch of valley and portrays a true treasure trove. It reminds us how vulnerable they are, the culture and tradition of the people known as Dokpas and Lachenpas, landscapes and biodiversity. They are degrading and in a sense changing due to various factors such as human-induced activities or climate change. Hence, the book reminds ourselves the treasure hidden in the fragile Himalayas and its significance. What I like the most besides the content, is the presentation of the book, I must say it’s professional. This book is one of the first kind from Lachen. 

The book is available on Amazon/FramedHimalaya

Enjoy the book! 


  1. I love such coffee table books which often have huge lovely photographs. The Himalayas, Bhutan and Tibet are in my bucket list.

  2. Thank you very much for your review Choki Gyeltshen, we truly appreciate it and are glad that you loved the book.

    1. You are welcome Samar, its my pleasure! Best wishes.


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