Monday, November 9, 2015

Visit to Camel's Hump, VT

Was on a hike to Camel's Hump mountain in Vermont, which was indeed great we did on the Sunday otherwise I would have wasted it. This four-hour hike was worth it, icicle-like snow cover on the dwarf fir tree shimmering in the sunlight was an unforgettable memory. The mount indeed looks exactly like a camel hump hence the name says it. Quite a people though, expected very very less people at this time of the year, which is usually very cold. 
Here are few pictures from the trip:   

Icicles on a fir growing among the rocks

View of New Hampshire mountains 

Deciduous trees, an aftermath of the fall


  1. Nice Choki! Keep exploring the nature surrounding you! Have a joyful weekend! :)

    1. Thank you Rima. You too have nice weekend!


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