Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yea… this life has gotta wings to fly,
Human beings are in search of wings,
And it’s hard to get it.
It’s just like…..
It’s just like this…. 
This is not the one I expect,
But this is the great contest,
Though between the ears there’s difference,
Nobody feels how hard the interference
Is, cause’ there’s fate over that fence,
And I guess its all for defense,
Girl! U consider yourself the beauty,
Hey! That’s not the one; I must say you are simply a lady.
To whom I consider as I am crazy,
Damn! This is just a piece of lazy,
And its time for pain to kill,
No, no, no, no, not by pill,
It’s just to bow n appeal,
That way, you would make me feel.
There you stand with another guy n say,
I’ve nothing left for u to pay”,
And I just lead to another way,
Just to make your day.
~~~  ~~~
Here we are again,
Doing it, taking us,
The time to return to simplicity,
The bread represents the work,
Which I never ever turn my back on,
Water is my trophy.
And every time I ask myself for
More sweat, more effort,
To improve the ideas implemented.
Everything can be overcome n be elevated
To a step higher in the sky
Where the common people take their footsteps high
Hold it! It’s just a way to take u by,
Can’t get to know about you
What you do, where you go,
Come on! Here listen n know
The feel that’s so low.
Whenever I feel lonely, I guess it’s all over,
For, I wanted us to be together forever.
But you never know, we may come n go,
And you would never let your feeling show.
So sad, it’s so sad that saturation,
It has more motion.
And we are no perfect,
That’s the universal fact.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
From the nothing comes everything,
And everything becomes nothing
And I don’t understand that nothing,
Cause’ my heart goes through confusion,
 For I getta be prepared for this session
That’s just to confess
And my love for u is gonna be less.
Hiding somewhere in my mind,
I guess someday, someway I may find.
Last night, you looked into my eyes
For a while and said goodbye,
But never mind.
This is B.H.U.T.A.N.
Where, we belong together to this homeland.
It’s hard to live these desperate days,
No matter what, it’s good to have an alternative ways.
God grant her for a sacrifice,
So she has a better life.
~~~     ~~~~~
Only thing I wanted…….. to know
Is just an answer………… to a question?
Why do you always hate…… the loved ones?

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