Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss Me!

Wherever you are, however you are,
I guess you are reading this.
 ~~~            ~~~~
I Can't hear the voice of you,
Only thing i wanted to hear  now,
Is your scream,
why don't you scream like you have got pierced,
If not you are on verge of falling from a 34m edge,
Cuz' your sound would make me feel like am floating in the air,
And you would never know the reason for me to wait for your scream,
That's all about how am missing u like i never did.
You know i miss you like i do,
 so why don't you take this damn initiation on your dump head to miss me,
You never miss me,
So that's what am supposed to be,
Like i dint have anything to miss, i miss you.
So take this time of life to hear all the bullshit of how much i miss you,
Baby, maybe, i dint show you love up to ya expectation,
And this is my confession of my consolation in this desperation to see u mention,
That u remember me so you be in consideration of your attention that's outta my imagination and my appreciation,
Wanna see you taking precaution of my caution of our civilization in this interaction,
Your Location rendering vibration leads creation of awareness in the direction of saturation. Yea.
 ~~~   ~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The times we spent together drags us back to the past,
And i guess be it better if it last,
Cuz this memories fade away silently when we are in our own time,
No matter what you will always be mine,
Waiting for you, i dint know what i was doing or going,
Cuz', i spent all my money on this stupid small things.
All i need is you to miss me more than like i do,
Every time i see your face in the corner of my wallet,
I regret why, why you wouldn't be here instead of this reminiscence picture of ya,
You know I don't remember any bad times we had,
See, you and me, used to quarrel every time on stupid small little things we got,
But now, it doesn't make any sense to me unlike it used to be.
One second gives way to another second driving you away from me.
Am rapping this song for you to see u soon in a something good,
As am drooping down with the dawn due to love hood.
Am trying to give myself a life, that i never had,
Cuz', i know deep inside i wanna cry,
But i never had time to heal myself for your goodbye.
And i guess we are blessed to have each other,
So that together we will cherish forever.
 ~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~
Where you are, however you are,
Am always incomplete without you.


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