Monday, July 4, 2011

What Happened to me after +2!!!

It was winter of 2006 when I reached Thimphu, I haven’t seen any snow in Thimphu though. I stayed with my uncle. It was the day for the orientation for class 12 pass outs in Changlingmithang, we waited for our turn to come for recruitment to various colleges and institutes. After much hours of wait my turn came and I entered the cell. I showed my documents and they asked me my Citizenship Identity Card, which I have forgotten. I ran back to my uncle’s house and got back with my Citizenship Identity Card. Now, I realized that I wasn’t sure whether I will take up the courses offered, since the course offered was teaching profession which I hate it.
          Lots of thoughts came to my mind, at that time of teenage, my knowledge about the different types of courses were so limited and if explained couldn’t catch up everything. To me most of the courses seemed similar such as Bio Medical, Medical Lab Technology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, etc., these similar courses made me so tensed and puzzled. I thought and consulted with everyone possible over the decision I was going to make, until I met my friend Karma. Even he was wondering what course he will be taking. We talked and discussed and finally came to the decision that we both will take Forestry course, since forestry course was not offered by the government during that year so we took an advantage. I left teaching profession which I even didn’t dreamed of. I thanked god for the decision we made within few minutes and that few minutes determined my life, where am I supposed to go and what I was supposed to be.
          Searching the good and appropriate college was really difficult and searching college and admission through educational consultancy seemed risky. We consulted all the educational consultancies in Thimphu and some students studying in India about the Forestry colleges in India. Still then it seemed so tough to find colleges which offered forestry courses and finally after a very long search we came to know a college in Himachal Pradesh. We applied to that college although the procedure was too long, like obtaining a recommendation letter from the relevant minister and then processing through India House to ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture Research) and so on. We were waiting for the confirmation of admission but we never received a reply, so we started searching a different college, though we reminded them. We managed to find a college that offers forestry course in Dehradun through a consultancy. The reporting time for both the colleges were so near, the confirmation reply from Himachal was not yet received, so we planned to go to Dehradun.
          We got admission to the college in Dehradun upon the full payment of fees to the consultancy. Hence, we were well prepared for the journey to Dehradun, wondering what Dehradun will be like. I imagined Dehradun will be just like Thimphu.
          Right after everything was settled, the admission confirmation letter from Himachal Pradesh was received saying we can join the university. We decided to stick with the college in Dehradun

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