Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outta myself

I don’t wanna know, wat up, wid dis game

Cuz I don’t need no fame, no not shame
Lyf tried to tame,  but I be da same.
Cuz I am, der to say Lord’s name.
Dey tried to put me down beneath the ground,
But I landed perfectly sounded lyk I intended.
Yea, dat was a ma intention to b unda cova,
U kno wat? I feel completely secure wen m down wid nothing to loose,
I get da freedom to do wat dey don’t want me to do, dough.
I don’t need u to feel ma flow, cuz m on da go,
To make maself feel so low,
Unfortunately, dats ma lullaby, yo.
Dat’s ok, cuz I don’t know, until I get da blow,
Wid dat all growling  Metal heads around me,
Makes ma lil’ rap thing flee, see, ma baby, who made me free,
Wasn’t enough of dat s***.
N for sure it woke me up into a different world,
Where I find m da only one to smile, even tough it’s fake,
Tryna b da happiest person out der, I try to take ma pain away dat I make, for ma own sake.
I don’t wanna find maself wer m I slipin,
Cuz I m slipin….Slipin…flipin….creepin……outta maself.
 ~~~         ~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~
U kno I can’t find maself ….outta maself….
N I lyk bein maself ……outta maself….
See, I can’t find meh, but I kno dat,
For I m …..outta maself. 
 ~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I feel m callin maself inside out “wer r u?”
I m wer I m, I say, “wer da hell r u?”
Ma consciene always tell meh dat ma fren should make his way up,
He made his way up until he got all da attention, which messed him up.
Den he tried to fall,
But he din’t get any way at all,
Da world seems so small,
Fortunately, he gotta lord’s name to call, so he fell,
But m da one who’s fallen, yea it’s meh who’s fallen.
It’s kinda hard for meh to imagine dat m nowhere,
Cuz I can’t find maself holdin ma own flag ova.
Feelin da way I feel I feel maself unda
Above gave meh strength he wanna,
Wanna watch da game play by such a playa,
N I played, I played til I saw whole lotta hell raisa.
Yea, it’s raisa pulling meh down,
Tryna make meh lyk dey own,
So dat dey can make demselve peacefully mourn,
But I’ ma b on ma way on n on.
N I’ll b stayin….livin….playin…same game ova n ova again.

!!!END!!! 2/9/9

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