Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Buddha Nature

I always wondered, how does Buddha nature feel and experience. Lately, I liked the experience of meditating on inner peace. Now, I am concluding it to be a near to Buddha nature experience. It’s so calm and peace inside; everything seems to be still, silent and non-existent. One doesn’t think of any thoughts, no good thoughts and no bad thoughts. The world seems to be paused for a moment. One feels delighted and peaceful.  

Now, I respect everyone who meditates and understand them on how they feel. The feeling is awesome. I guess for those who meditate regularly, they might be experiencing bliss, peace or Buddha nature. 


  1. I am afraid you might attain enlightenment!! Great is what always is Buddha nature which is the ultimate peace and harmony to oneself and to whole world!!!

    1. Enlightenment is way far for me. I am just new to the meditation techniques on inner peace. I liked the calmness and bliss that I have felt, but it may be a way far to attain actual/real oneness.


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