Friday, April 5, 2013

Election of National Council, Bhutan, 2013

Election of the National Council (NC) of Bhutan is due to held on 23rd April, 2013. It is scheduled in reference to the expiry term of National Council on 28th April, 2013, so that the House is reconstituted upon the expiry of the term. There are 67 NC candidates participating in the election, of which five are female. National Council consists of 20 members. 

I will be among the 3, 90,000 voters of which around 1, 95,000 are going to be women. I am voting this time and it’s the first time that I am voting. I will be  voting through postal ballot for the lone candidate Dasho (Dr.) Sonam Kinga from Tashigang District. At least, I was expecting two candidates from the highest populated district. 

Another aspiring candidate withdrew at the last minute, I don’t know why although I got to hear so many reasons. Neither I don’t know much about the withdrawn candidate but I do know something of Dasho (Dr.) Sonam Kinga. I appreciate him for being a good role model for the younger generation. It was indeed nice to hear that he is re-contesting. I wish him the best of the wishes. 

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