Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pumpkin and Me

I get tired most of the times
Got to complete the works assigned to me
Also got to finish the works that’s not assigned to me either
And I need to hang out with my friends after my tasks

I do walk many a times in a day
And I run a minute or less
Also play some games for a while
So I get tired and hungry

Home is a place I love the most
So I come, rest and check out my kitchen
For I am too hungry and tired
And I see you Pumpkin for my dinner

I never liked you till now
I won’t like you in my future too!
My day and mood is spoiled whenever I see you in my kitchen
I would rather be hungry, if you were my only option

I wonder how you can impress my mom and sisters
I can’t even imagine you in my kitchen
Guess! what it feels like when you are for the dinner
I forget my hunger and get angry instead!

So Pumpkin, I am so sorry
You are out of my life now
And I am out of your generation too
Don’t take it easy Pumpkin,
I will convince my mom and sisters also

By the way Pumpkin,
I know you got many other lovers
And also you got one of the sweetest names
I won’t forget your sweet name
Mind you, only name!

PS: No offense to Pumpkin lovers


  1. Good thing I'm NOT a pumpkin lover!! nice!

  2. I think for every curry to be special ingredient matters sir!! Pumpkin with dried beef,wah!! it will be special. Try! lol!

    Nice !

    1. I tired it, but I don't the Pumpkin, liked just the dried beef. :)

  3. neither have i liked pumpkin ever. I loved your poem


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