Monday, April 8, 2013

Heal the World!

The world is dying day by day
Population is increasing everyday
More and more people are crying
Hunger is invading the world
Death rate is increasing
Evils are sprouting within the human beings
Peace and calmness are hardly known
Happiness is money
God! Heal the world!

Mother earth is barren
People hardly feel fresh air
Climate is erratic
Fresh springs are hardly seen
Everywhere is a dumping site
Ears are crammed with noises
Bodies exposed to radiations
Life is exposed to uncertainty
God! Heal the world!

World is so sick
For god created the human beings
And the world
Humans re-designed the world
So here is the world
Dying slowly but for sure
Dwellers! Heal the world!   

PS: No Proof Read
Not researched, just a random thought


  1. I'm glad that you just wrote and posted this without revision. It has a freshness and urgency as a result. I love your closing line: "Dwellers, heal the World! "

  2. Your random thought is true and motivating sir!! Me too feel the same!!!

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