Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just for fun

I remembered few jokes by Canadian comedian Russell Peters of Indian origin which i scribbled below, although I could remember them faintly.  
·        When god created the Indians, god told “I am going to put you in the hottest place in the world and just for fun, just for fun… I will cover you all with the hairs”.
·        When the Indians get impressed, they express in a peculiar Indian accent and it goes like this: 
“Russell, your show, your show last night was too… good! Too… good! Fantaastic! It was mind blasting! It blasted my mind! ”

Most of his jokes I am remembering now has adult content, so I can’t really write it here.  
So I am ending here with his famous punch line 

“Be A Man!”

PS: Post above is not intended to malign anyone
It's written just for fun.


Thank you for visiting my blog.


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