Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Through the Time of My Life

God give me the grace!
For I know not what my life is about
It is the time that takes care of me
Holds my hand and shows me the direction
Sometimes it is right and sometimes wrong
Either way, it is the direction that beholds me
Through the time of my life

Now, I have come a long way
Even the time of my life has
I was a kid back then
I was a teenager five years back
And I know I will grow old one day
I am here walking every day and night
Through the time of my life

Wasn’t a time, I know not where I will be
Learned lessons through this dimension
And got teachings and blessings
I know not how far I will walk
Neither do I have the reason to walk
All I got is the time standing by my side
Leading me through the time of my life

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