Saturday, April 20, 2013

Remember That I Remember You

Looking back into the memories we had
You were the queen of my inner land
All I got to do was to understand
That we could have been a perfect blend
And this is what I got to say at present
“Remember that I remember you.”

No matter how hard I try
Things always change between you and I
But whenever you feel down and you want to cry
I will be there to make your tears dry
And make your grief and sorrows die
But remember that I remember you

All we wanted was love and peace
Now, all I wanted to do is erase
All those stupid little things of no use
So our good memories will never cease
And god is always there to grace
So remember that I remember you

I ain’t got no desperation
To make you gain my attention
But my attention towards you is a source of inspiration
A source of love, trust and reconciliation
So with your consideration and my expectation
Please remember that I remember you
Or miss me instead!

PS: No Proof Read

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